Workshop 3 – Using the Admin UI of Orchard Core
Gabor Domonkos

  • Set-up an OC development environment
  • Use latest dev branch, not RC1
  • Using recipes, the content of the recipes, predefined contents/themes comes with the different kind of recipes
  • Content management, creating custom content types/content parts/content fields/content field editors, using the Widget stereotype (what is a widget?)
  • Named content parts like the BagPart, how to use the FlowPart, adding widgets to it
  • Layers, layer rules, zones
  • Templating using the admin UI, where you can write Liquid and see the live preview of your changes
  • How to enable/disable modules and themes
  • OpenID server, OpenID application, JWT token, to use the content APIs of Orchard Core, user management, permission management (creating a custom role)
  • Deployment plans, deployment step, check the structure of the Recipe.json file, here we could also mention the migrations
  • Ways to add content to Orchard